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Emergency Rally on June 9 at 12 PM

We held an emergency rally for funding SB 1116, the Equitable Payroll Fund, to create jobs and revitalize local economies.

Watch the livestream here:

California arts organizations have suffered for years from under-investment. The state ranks just 24th in state arts funding on a per capita basis — and that underfunding was particularly damaging when the pandemic shut down much of the last arts over two years. Even while the economy remained fairly healthy in 2022, theatres are closing at an alarming rate. Over 20 Californian theatres have suspended production or closed completely since 2020.

Senate Bill 1116, which was signed into law by Governor Newsom last year, establishes the Equitable Payroll Fund for the nonprofit arts sector and would create jobs and revitalize local economies, but currently remains unfunded. We request that approximately $12 million in unexpended funds in the Nonprofit Performing Arts (NPPA) Grants program be used to launch a pilot of the Equitable Payroll Fund. 

In 2021 alone, the state’s Performing Arts sector lost a decade’s worth of job growth, according to a report by CVL Economics. If current trends continue, state and local governments could see a combined $4.1 billion loss in tax revenue. These losses will affect arts and culture in California for years to come.


  • Sylvia Amorino, Executive Director, Solo Opera, read by Meghan Crosby-Jolliffe
  • Sean Fenton, Executive Director, Theatre Bay Area
  • Kelly Ground, Western Principal, Actors Equity Association
  • Hannah Henderson, Managing Director, BATS Improv
  • Adam Maggio, Managing Director, SFBATCO
  • Colin Mandlin, Managing Director, Oakland Theater Project
  • Julius Rea, Independent Artist
  • Princess Washington, Mayor Pro Tem of Suisun City

    Without immediate support, more live arts organizations will close, more jobs will be lost, and our communities will suffer.

    Thank you to everyone who joined us at Bayfront Theatre to show support for funding the arts. 

    Learn more about SB 1116