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About The Scene

Calling all Bay Area Theatre Lovers!

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to one of the most vibrant regional theatre communities in the entire nation. From Tony award winning theatres, to productions for young audiences, to edgy fringe theatre festivals – TBA’s member companies represent the artistic and geographic diversity of our region. “The Scene” is our collection of resources for theatre lovers to discover new theatre, connect with each other, and participate in the wide variety of art this community has to offer!

Peruse What’s Playing near you, search the comprehensive Theatre Directory, stay up to date on all things Bay Area theatre, and connect with other theatre lovers by joining the Stage Door Super Fans.

What's Playing

Looking for something to see this weekend? TBA’s What's Playing show listings are your one stop shop for every production currently playing in the Bay Area.

Theatre Directory

With over 150 member companies, the TBA Theatre Directory is the most comprehensive list of theatre producing companies in our region. Search for companies based on location, genre specialty, and accessibility, as well as details about auditions and script submissions for actors and playwrights!


Stemming from our history as a print magazine, TBA’s News features are designed to give you up-to-date information about the key issues facing our community. Learn about recent award winners, get the latest on local arts advocacy, and get advice from experts on growing your theatre career in the Bay Area.

Stage Door Super Fans

TBA's "Stage Door Super Fans" are dedicated theatre goers, committed to keeping art alive in the Bay Area. They love going to the theatre, making connections with other theatre lovers, and promoting the vibrant theatrical culture of our region. Any monthly donation of $5 or more makes you a "Super-Fan", join us today!