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Sources of Publicity

Since 2003, Theatre Bay Area has been producing Sources of Publicity, a resource guide for Bay Area performing arts organizations and producers to reach media outlets. It brings together an introduction to best practices and etiquette for working with journalists, plus hundreds of press contacts and outlets that cover the performing arts.

Spring 2024 Edition on sale

Over 200 press contacts, updated for the modern media landscape

In addition to traditional media outlets, we've added more guidance and contacts to help performing arts organizations engage with new media creators.

Sources of publicity, with illustrations representing newspaper, tv, radio and social media.

Pitch like a pro!

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For Media Outlets

We are continuously accepting new submissions and press updates!

Why Get Listed?

When you're listed in Sources of Publicity, it means you're on the Bay Area's shortlist for all things theatre publicity: review invitations, feature pitches, PSA submissions, calendar listings, and more. Plus, it puts your submission requirements and preferences directly in the hands of publicists.

Connect your audience with the vibrant performing arts community happening in their backyard!

Who's Included in "Media Outlets"?

The media landscape is in constant flux. Due to popular demand, we're including more information and contacts for internet media platforms, like social media influencers, podcasters, and other independent content creators. If you reach people in the Bay Area and you want to raise the visibility of local performing arts, don't hesitate to fill out the form linked above!

We're looking for responses from:

  • Journalists/Critics
  • Freelance/Independent writers and bloggers
  • Radio and TV producers
  • Internet influencers/content creators
  • Calendar and event listing sources

If you're still not sure, reach out to

For Theatres

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Got burning questions or specific struggles?

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