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Postcard Distribution Network


Postcard Distribution Network (PDN) is back!

The Theatre Bay Area Postcard Distribution Network (PDN) is an efficient and inexpensive way to get your company's postcards into the hands of eager arts lovers all over the Bay Area!

PDN is a network of nearly 30 established locations in San Francisco, the East Bay, and the South Bay. Each location features an attractive postcard display in a highly visible traffic area where performing arts organizations, services, and professionals can have their promotional postcards displayed, including numerous theatres and select information centers.

No more running from place to place trying to get enough coverage — we do the work for you!

How to Advertise with PDN

What you need:


1. Print your postcards

What size? Must be smaller than 8.5 x 5.5in (half letter size). Oversized postcards may not fit on all racks.

How many? The number of postcards depends on which delivery routes you want to advertise with and might vary month-to-month. Each route is listed below with a postcard count.

What about my other printed materials? Brochures, multi-page pamphlets, etc. are welcome, but you might need to reduce the number of pamphlets so it's the same approximate size and weight as a stack of postcards. If it can be displayed in the same space, it should be ok!


2. Package them

Postcards must be separated into bundles for delivery — each bundle will be delivered to a display location on your selected route(s). You can include up to 25 postcards per bundle, and we recommend using rubber bands to keep them organized. If your postcards aren’t bundled, they may not be delivered.

The number of bundles can vary per route and per month — check the the delivery routes below for the most recent count.

Not enough postcards? Please keep the same number of bundles, with fewer postcards per stack.


3. Purchase your delivery route(s)

Routes can be purchased separately or bundled together for a discount. Purchase through our online store with the links at the bottom of the page.

Want the best price? Theatre Bay Area Company and Associate members get a 30% discount on all advertising. PDN Display Locations also get an additional $5 off all PDN routes.


4. Drop off your bundled postcards

We have drop off options around the Bay for your convenience. Drop off your packaged materials at any of them for inclusion in the upcoming deliveries.

Carefully review the drop off options — as we move toward a more regular schedule, there might be some variation month-to-month. We are unable to give refunds for missed delivery windows, and we are unable accept drop-offs outside the listed options.

Advertising purchases can be cancelled up to 14 days before the delivery date for a partial refund. The drop off instructions are open to change.


Drop-off Options: September Delivery

Bring your packaged marketing materials to one of these options, and we'll deliver them to your purchased routes.

South Bay

City Lights Theater
Thursday, August 31
2:30 PM-4:30 PM

North Bay

Marin Theatre Company
Tuesday, September 5
2:30 PM-4:30 PM

East Bay

Aurora Theatre Company
Tuesday, September 5
1 PM-5 PM

San Francisco

Z Space
Wednesday, September 6
2 PM-4 PM

Or Mail Them!

Theatre Bay Area
499 Alabama St., #450
San Francisco, CA 94110

Make sure mailed packages arrive by 4 PM on September 6, 2023

Current Routes

from September 2023: there may be some changes to the routes for October

1. San Francisco Route

Delivery Date: September 7th

Postcard count: 15 bundles of 25 postcards (up to 375 postcards)

  • A.C.T.
  • Bayview Opera House Inc.
  • Cutting Ball Theatre
  • Intersection for the Arts
  • Joe Goode Annex
  • Magic Theatre
  • Mannakin Theater & Dance
  • ODC Theatre
  • ODC Dance Commons
  • Phoenix Arts Association Theatre
  • The Marsh
  • New Conservatory Theatre Center
  • Z Space
  • Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (Theatre Dept.)
  • Counterpulse
Full Price

San Francisco Route

Member Discount

San Francisco Route for Company and Associate Members


2. East Bay Route

Delivery Date: September 14th

Postcard count: 15 bundles of 25 postcards (up to 375 postcards)

  • Aurora Theatre Company
  • Berkeley Playhouse
  • Cal State East Bay Theatre
  • Cal Shakes
  • Contra Costa College Drama Department
  • Finnish Hall
  • Freight & Salvage
  • Kinetic Arts Center
  • Masquers Playhouse
  • Oakland Theater Project
  • Oakstop
  • Shotgun Players
  • Theater Arts Chabot College
  • Town Hall Theatre Co
  • UCB School of Theatre and Dance
Full Price

East Bay Route

Member Discount

East Bay Route for Company and Associate Members


3. South Bay/Peninsula Route

Delivery date: September 21st

Postcard count: 11 bundles of 25 postcards (up to 275 postcards)

  • City Lights Theatre Company
  • Coastal Repertory Theatre
  • Foothill College Theatre Arts/Foothill Music Theatre
  • Hammer Theatre San Jose State University
  • Los Altos Stage Company
  • Musson Theatrical
  • The Pear Theatre
  • Peninsula Ballet Theatre
  • Peninsula Youth Theatre
  • School of Arts and Culture
  • San Carlos Children’s Theatre
Full Price

South Bay/Peninsula Route

Member Discount

South Bay/Peninsula Route for Company and Associate Members


Join as a Display Location!

Seeking South Bay, San Francisco, and East Bay Venues


We're always seeking more display locations to participate. Whether you are a theatre, café, or other location visited by performing arts fans, we'd love to add you to the route. All you need is a display rack, table, or shelf and daytime availability during delivery dates.

We plan to introduce the program to the North Bay and beyond in the future, but we are currently focusing on expanding the existing routes.

Display locations get a discount on their PDN purchases in thanks for making the program possible. Email for more information.