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TBA Talent Bank: Full Steam Ahead

Deadline Extended! Update your Talent Bank Profile by June 8, 2023

Now that the new member portal has been open for a few months, we're asking everyone to update their Talent Bank profile. For the Talent Bank to be a robust and useful resource for employers, member profiles like yours need to be up-to-date.

What's the Talent Bank?

The Talent Bank is the definitive directory of theatremakers in the San Francisco Bay Area. When you create a Talent Bank profile, you become part of the Bay Area’s go-to pool of candidates, and when an employer is looking for your skillset, your resume will be at their fingertips. With detailed and relevant search criteria, the Talent Bank is uniquely positioned to reflect our community's needs.

Whether you're looking to get cast in a show or connect with potential collaborators, don't leave the Talent Bank out of your professional online presence.

Who can see my profile?

Anyone with an Individual Premium Membership and all users on a Company or Associate Member account — that's more than 1,300 local theatremakers!

What's with the deadline?

After June 8, 2023, we will set empty profiles as hidden from the Talent Bank page. To be clear, this is NOT permanent, and we will NOT be deleting any information. For anyone who hasn't filled out their profile by May 31, you can just email us when you're ready to reactivate your profile, and we'll turn it back on.

If you have edited your profile in 2023, your profile isn't going anywhere, but there's never a bad time to update your resume and headshot.

Don't let your Talent Bank profile collect dust, update it today!

And to Sweeten the Deal...

We're celebrating our individual theatremakers with a new cross-platform campaign, Shout-outs from the TBA Talent Bank!

Shout-outs from the TBA Talent Bank are your way to celebrate the work of individuals in our community. Excited about your upcoming production? Want to hype up a friend? Proud of your students' latest show? Submit a Shout-out to share some love.

Selected Shout-outs will be featured next month on the TBA website, social media, and Insider newsletter. We'll link to the Talent Bank profiles of all featured Shout-outs, so make sure yours is up to date!

Full Steam Ahead!