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Advertise with Theatre Bay Area

Theatre Bay Area offers a wonderful range of advertising options to help you reach theatre enthusiasts across both traditional (physical) and digital platforms. You can advertise to our constituents online through our websites and through our highly-targeted email marketing channels.

There are many advertising options we offer to reach your target audience!

Want to reach TBA Members? Want to reach wider audiences?

Click below to learn more about:

  1. The Theatrelover weekly ticketing email
  2. The Insider bi-weekly content newsletter
  3. Dedicated emails to TBA Members
  4. Theatre Bay Area Website
  5. Industry Services Classified

Click below to learn more about:

  1.  The Theatregoer weekly ticketing email
  2. TIX Bay Area+What's Playing Websites
  3. Postcard Distribution Network 
  4. Audience Database


Email Advertising Opportunities 

The Theatrelover weekly ticketing e-newsletter

The Theatrelover is a weekly ticketing e-newsletter that goes to over 2,400 members interested in ticket offers and curated recommendations. Featuring open rates above 50% and above-average user engagement, it is the perfect channel to promote performances and sell tickets.

View a demo of the Theatrelover. 

 The Insider bi-weekly industry news & content e-newsletter 

This content-focused theatre news publication goes to over 2,100 of our most active individual and company members. Featuring up to 98% open rates and high engagement, this is the perfect platform to promote professional development opportunities, workshops, and news targeted to theatre professionals throughout the Bay Area.

View a demo of the Insider. 

The Theatregoer weekly ticketing E-newsletter

The Theatregoer offers our widest targeted distribution of theatre patrons. With over 22,000 subscribers, this platform is a terrific way to promote your product to culture lovers, tourists, and local theatregoers who attend shows regularly.

View a demo of the Theatregoer. 

Dedicated e-blasts

We offer a variety of opportunities for sending dedicated blasts to both our members and Bay Area theatregoers based on the content they are most interested in receiving. A dedicated email is best way to grab the attention of our constituents and send visually compelling, stand-alone email focused solely on your message!

View a Dedicated E-blast demo for the Theatrelover.
View a Dedicated E-blast demo for the Theatregoer.
View a Dedicated E-blast demo for the Insider.


Website Advertising 

Theatre Bay Area Website

The Theatre Bay Area website is the premier location for resources and information for Bay Area theatremakers and enthusiasts, serving over 21,000 impressions per month. Advertisers can place ads on our featured leaderboard, divided into two slots, which randomly rotate ads each time a page is loaded.

Industry Services Classified

The Industry Services page is an public directory of all theatre services in the Bay Area. From classes, training, improv, headshot and show photography, production services, spaces to rent and more, this is the best place for our theatre community to find and market what they need. 

Classifieds run for six sequential months - Click here to view the Industry Services page.

Tix Bay Area+What's Playing

The comprehensive TIX Bay Area listings, in partnership with Goldstar, and What's Playing websites provide Bay Area audiences unparalleled, up-to-the minute access to show information and discounted tickets.

Advertisers can place ads on a leaderboard, divided into two slots, which randomly rotate ads each time a page is loaded.

View the TIX Bay Area website (counting 4,000 impressions per month) and What's Playing website.


Physical and Print Advertising

Postcard Distribution Network

Theatre Bay Area runs the Postcard Distribution Network (PDN), through which advertisers can send postcards and brochures to more than 50 theatres and other public display locations throughout the Bay Area.

Click here to learn more about the Postcard Distribution Network.

 Audience Database

Theatre Bay Area also administers the Audience Database, TRG's advanced community patron database system allowing arts marketers to target campaigns more precisely, make mail list exchanges and use comparative market analysis to understand their patrons.

Click here for more information on the Audience Database.



 Email us at to learn more or call (415) 430-1140 ext. *15.

Download the Rates Sheet. Visit our online store for more options to promote your event to the Bay Area's most eager theatremakers and ticket-buying audiences