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I’m Like A Utility Player: Meet TBA’s Interim Managing Director

Headshot of Ann Marie wearing an orange shirt and a silver necklace. She is a white woman with chin length short brown hair.

by Sam Hurwitt Interim managing director Ann Marie Lonsdale comes to Theatre Bay Area at a transitional time for the organization. Brad Erickson is scheduled to end his 18-year tenure as executive director on February 28, 2022, with the search for his successor still underway.  It’s been a while since Theatre Bay Area actually had…

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Taking the Temperature of Arts Audiences

Headshot of Alan Brown in a black suit, white shirt, and pink tie. He is a white man with blue eyes. He has short shaved grey hair, and a grey goatee. He is smiling showing his teeth.

by Sam Hurwitt  When COVID-19 pandemic precautions started closing venues in March of 2020, theaters were hungry for any information about what they could expect. That’s when consulting firm WolfBrown began to put together the Audience Outlook Monitor, an international research project reporting back on shifting attitudes and concerns of theater audiences over time. Alan Brown…

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Joy To The World, Holiday Shows Are Back

Two women in costume looking at each other holding hands and laughing. The woman on the left is a white woman with red hair in a bun with curls wearing a light blue dress with puffy sleeves. The woman on the right has light brown skin and dark brown hair in a curly bun. She is wearing a white dress with blue flowers and puffy sleeves.

by Rotimi Agbabiaka Tis the season for holiday shows and after an almost two-year hiatus, live, in-person holiday theatre is back. In keeping with the unprecedented times, many of the productions on Bay Area stages are adapting, updating, or reimagining  classic tales in ways that marry tradition with the needs of a world wearily emerging…

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After 23 Years, FoolsFURY Practices The Art of Letting Go

Headshot of Debórah Eliezer. She is a white woman with white hair wearing a black shirt with a yellow sweater. She is looking at the camera and smiling with her teeth showing.

by Jean Schiffman “Today we are practicing the art of letting go,” said Debórah Eliezer, artistic director of FoolsFURY, at a recent public closure ceremony at the Mission Cultural Center. Her “sunset speech” marked the ensemble’s graceful withdrawal, as a company, from the local theatre scene after 23 years. Concrete symbols of that withdrawal were…

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Local Arts Organizations Are Ready to Welcome You Back

by Sam Hurwitt Bay Area arts organizations want you to know that they’re ready. They’re ready to invite patrons back into their spaces in as safe a way as can be managed amid an ongoing pandemic. They’re ready to envelop audiences in arts experiences that challenge the mind and nurture the soul.  That’s the message…

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A New Cohort of Tomorrow’s Leaders Joins the TBA Arts Leadership Residency

By Edward Guthman Four Bay Area theatre artists have been chosen in the second round of Theatre Bay Area’s Arts Leadership Residency. Virginia Blanco, Devin Cunningham, Daniel Duque-Estrada, and Julius Rea will each receive $12,000 for a 480- to 640-hour residency. The initiative was generated to redress the racial imbalance in theatre management. “We want…

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With New Residency Program, TBA Aims To Close the Theatre Leadership Gap

Headshot of Aidaa Peerzada. A medium skinned woman with medium length curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She is wearing a red lace tank top.

by Edward Guthmann A 2020 report from the Asian American Performers Action Coalition studied the 18 largest non-profit theatres in New York as well as Broadway companies during the 2017-18 season, and showed that 80 percent of playwrights, 85.5 percent of directors and 60 percent of actors were white. That racial imbalance exists nationwide and for too long,…

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Theatre Advocates Mobilize in Response to California’s Gig Worker Law

a light skinned woman with blue eyes and shoulder length red curly hair. She is wearing a teal shirt and a sliver necklace.

by Rotimi Agbabiaka Last month, California’s AB5 went into effect, requiring companies across the state to reclassify their independent contractors as employees in order to comply with classification guidelines set down by the California Supreme Court’s 2018 decision in the “Dynamex” case. The law, which was aimed at the profit-maximizing practices of tech giants like…

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