RHE Artistic Fellowship
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The purpose of the RHE Foundation Artistic Fellowship is to make a significant investment in an individual artist that will allow her to take the next step in her career. Candidates for the RHE Artistic Fellowship are nominated by established theatre professionals who have been invited by RHE Charitable Foundation to offer their suggestions.

It's RHE nomination time for 2019!

As RHE Foundation approaches its 6th year, we are anxious for your input. The RHE Artistic Fellowship is an award of $10,000 (and includes a mentor) which is given to an actor ready to take their career to the next level.

We value your opinion as we gather nominations for our 6th awardee. Please email dale@theatrebayarea.org with your nomination/s of up to two extraordinary actors (with their email address and phone number) by March 25. Previous years’ nominees will be invited to reapply. Your nomination will remain anonymous.

Criterion for 2019 nominee(s):

  • Nominated by one of you
  • Is an emerging actor of color*
  • Identifies either as:
    • Cis-gendered female
    • Transgender
    • Gender non-comforming
    • Non-binary
  • Bay Area-based
  • Not in undergraduate or graduate school at the time of the award-year (July, 2019- June, 2020)
  • The actor is ready: She/they is at a point in life and career to expedite next steps toward a remarkable theatre actor
  • You are moved by the actor’s capacity and talent. This is an actor who has something magical, special.

* “emerging” means what it means to you as the nominator, first and foremost. This year we are particularly looking for actors who are not quite yet getting case frequently in mainstage roles in LORT productions, for example. While you are free to nominate who you think is most deserving, the panel will particularly be interested in supporting actors who are working frequently in mid-size or small organizations. If they work at large organizations, perhaps it is in a staged reading or understudy capacity.

Please feel free to contact dale@theatrebayarea.org with any questions or concerns.

This program is made possible through a generous grant from the RHE Charitable Foundation.

Past RHE Artistic Foundation Fellowship recipients:

Cindy Im

Jeunée Simon

Sarita Ocón

Sarah Moser

Reggie D. White