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Community Accountability Agreement

as of January 1, 2023

As the theatre service organization serving the entire Bay Area community, Theatre Bay Area (TBA) recognizes and values our responsibility in practicing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within our organization and promoting EDI among our members.

As part of this, we embrace our role in actively engaging with members and member organizations to dismantle systemic inequities and cultivate agency among theatremakers.

TBA defines EDI as an ongoing, iterative, aspirational process to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its forms among the Bay Area theatre community.

Theatre Bay Area commits to:
  • Providing EDI guidance to individual and company members
  • Holding all members of our community accountable for creating inclusive spaces
  • Partnering with grantees and members to rectify issues that may exist or arise
All members and grantees affirm their commitment to:
  • Upholding EDI values as defined above
  • Speaking out about practices incompatible with EDI values
  • Practicing inclusive & equity-based theatre making
Should concerns arise related to inequity, access, or unsafe spaces, members and grantees commit to:
  • Engaging in a dialogue with TBA to address concerns
  • Implementing improvements
  • Developing a plan to sustain equitable practices

Grantees who do not engage in this process may jeopardize their ability to receive future funding and may be asked to return existing grant funding. Members who do not engage in this process may forgo their membership eligibility.

TBA recognizes our role as a convener, facilitator, community builder, and provider of resources. Our goal is to cultivate the ability to engage honestly and authentically in a process of healing and EDI building.

TBA embraces the opportunity to work with our members and grantees to create a more equitable Bay Area theatre community, and we expect to also be held to these standards and held accountable for addressing issues that may arise within our own organization. To learn more about TBA’s EDI and anti-racism approach, please see our Mission Statement and read our Accountability Statement & Action Plan (PDF).

I pledge to uphold this affirmation and consent to be on the “TBA Community Accountability List.”