Resources for addressing sexual harassment and violence
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“It’s Time: Bay Area Town Hall on Sexual Harassment in Our Theatre Community” took place on Monday, Feb. 26. The event was organized by California Shakespeare Theater, Theatre Bay Area, and a *15-member planning group of theatre workers of all disciplines.

We were so grateful for the diversity of perspectives in the room -- people were there from every layer and angle of our theatre-making ecosystem. It was an important gathering moment for our community -- a key first step to mobilizing around this issue.

On this page, you will find:

Thank you again for participating in this important conversation. We hope it is just the beginning.

In solidarity and visioning,

The planning team of this event (TBA, Cal Shakes, and the *planning committee involved in this meeting)

*Planning Group Members: Tracy Camp, Jamila Cobham, Tristan Cunningham, Lisa Evans, Jasmin Hoo, Liz Hitchcock Lisle, Nina McMurtie, Mina Morita, Josh Orlando, Radhika Rao, Lauren Spencer, Jon Tracy, Randy Wong-Westbrooke, Valerie Weak, Sarah Williams

"It's Time" Follow-Up Resources


Kyra Jones ( is a Chicago-based sexual violence advocate, actor and writer. She currently works at Northwestern University as a sexual violence prevention educator, giving trainings to faculty, staff and students on rape culture, consent, and supporting survivors. Recently she has combined her love of theatre with her passion for ending gender based violence and now consults with theatre makers on how to make their spaces safer for performers and audience members.

Sexual Violence Related Resources (From Kyra):

The Violence Pyramid:
This violence pyramid is a tool we use to explain rape culture and how seemingly "smaller" actions facilitate a world where gender based violence like rape, stalking, dating violence, and murder are normalized and tolerated.

Tea and Consent video:
This is a funny, easily understandable way to explain how consent works.

Jam video:
This video is like Tea and Consent 201. It is a more nuanced analogy and explanation of consent.

#ThatsHarassment: (Trigger Warning)
These videos were produced by David Schwimmer in collaboration with RAINN. They depict several different examples of sexual harassment and have some great celebrity cameos.

Transforming Harm:
This is the Tumblr Mariame Kaba made about my transformative justice process with Malcolm London.

US Prison Culture Blog:
This is Mariame Kaba's blog with more information and resources about transformative justice.

Mariame Kaba:
This is Mariame Kaba's official website. You can learn more about her work and book her for speaking engagements/workshops. She is a wonderful speaker and person. She spoke at Northwestern a few months ago and my students still talk about how that lecture changed their lives.

Adrienne Skye Roberts
( is an artist, organizer and healing justice practitioner. She works in restorative justice in schools and also facilitates community accountability processes within the queer community. Adrienne is a longtime organizer with the grassroots organization, the California Coalition for Women Prisoners where she works with people in prison to build freedom campaigns for incarcerated survivors serving Life Without Parole. She is from the Bay Area.

Transformative Justice Resources (From Adrienne):

Bay Area Transformative Justice Network

Generation Five

Creative Interventions
The Toolkit contains a basic model for violence intervention, useful information, worksheets, and stories based upon the experiences of Creative Interventions during its development and pilot stages.

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

Critical Resistance
Great Harm Free Zone Resources

Actor’s Equity Association Resources
Ethan Schwartz -- Bay Area Business Representative
Resources for members:
(Requires an equity sign in)
Public statement issued last fall:
Mary McColl's guest column recently published in Variety on the topic:

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society
SDC Issues Procedures for Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints

Theatre-Specific Resources

A Chicago-based movement founded to fight against sexual discrimination and harassment as well as gender-based violence in the theater community.

The Actors Fund:
Offers emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health care and insurance counseling, senior care, secondary career development, and more for theater professionals

Theatre Communications Group’s Resources Page for Sexual Violence and Misconduct in Theatre




It is time. Time we gather. Time we talk about Sexual Harassment. Time we put accountability structures in place. Time we take action towards meaningful change.

We are holding this Town Hall to make space for the conversation around sexual harassment in our field and in our local community, and EVERYONE IS INVITED.

Organized by Theatre Bay Area, Cal Shakes, and a 15-member planning group*, the goals of this Town Hall are to:

  • Create space for our theatre community to come together and reflect on these issues on both personal and professional levels.

  • Share information on the systems of support currently in place

  • Provide education around and tools for community-based processes for navigating these issues with humanity, compassion, and accountability.


Welcome & Opening

  • Welcome: Susie Medak

  • Hosts/Facilitators: SK Kerastas & Mina Morita give opening remarks

The Current State of Affairs: Where we are now and what are the current systems of support and accountability in place.

  • Open Discussion

  • Speakers:

    • Mary McColl, Executive Director, Actors’ Equity Association,

    • Laura Penn, Executive Director, Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

Future Visions: Share possibilities for more support, more community-based solutions.

  • Speakers:

    • Kyra Jones is a Chicago-based sexual violence advocate, actor, and writer. She currently works at Northwestern University as a sexual violence prevention educator, giving trainings to faculty, staff and students on rape culture, consent, and supporting survivors. Recently she has combined her love of theatre with her passion for ending gender-based violence and now consults with theatre-makers on how to make their spaces safer for performers and audience members.

    • Adrienne Skye Roberts works in the crossroads of art, education, and social justice organizing. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the descendant of Eastern European Jewish immigrants imprisoned during the McCarthy Era for their political beliefs. Her work focuses on the radical potential of storytelling to shift politics and to transform our understanding of ourselves and our communities.

Break Out Discussions

  • For this portion, we’ll break out into 4 smaller facilitated groups for discussion and connection. Folks will be encouraged to share where they’re at with these issues and what our community needs moving forward.

Reconvene & Share Out

Closing: Looking forward

  • Next Steps

  • Cultivating hope for our community

This is just the beginning, but we have to start somewhere. Please join us.

Bring your co-workers, your collaborators, your board members, your castmates, your theatre funders, your theatre friends. This is for all of us. On every level of our theatre ecosystem. The conversation will be richer with everyone at the table.

The "It's Time" event was generously funded by the RHE Charitable Foundation.

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