General Auditions
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2020 Virtual Regional Auditions Are Now Open!

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the theatre community, Theatre Bay Area has launched the 2020 Virtual Regionals, which are categorized by the four regions of the Bay Area: East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, and San Francisco. Theatre Bay Area has crafted the virtual auditions to meet the needs of our individual and company members in this current climate while incorporating feedback from past general and regional auditions. 


Actors are able to submit their headshot, resume, and a link to their audition video via an electronic form and select which regions they’d like to be considered for. Actors! Have questions about making a video audition? Read our FAQs here. 

Deadline for Actor Submissions: August 10


Auditors (Companies, Casting Directors, Etc.):

Registered auditors will receive access starting on August 21, 2020 (through the end of September) to the videos and information for actors who have expressed interest in working in their respective regions. Read full Auditor FAQs here.




Current List of Auditors for 2020 Virtual Regionals

Deborah Slater Dance Theater Contra Costa Civic Theatre  Left Edge Theatre
Black Artists Contemporary
Cultural Experience
David Dumais The Pear Theatre
Killing My Lobster Sonoma Arts Live
Teatro Visión
Aurora Theatre Company Diversity Casting Elaine Jennings
Youth Musical Theater Company Mountain Play Association Cutting Ball Theater
Masquers Playhouse Doublemask Productions Quick Brown Fox Theatre
Central Works Shotgun Players Spreckels Theatre Company 
Play Cafe Aaron Murphy City Lights Theatre Company
Daria Bauer     

Past General and Regional Auditions


The List of 2020 General Audition Auditors who attended can be found below: 

Theatre companies, talent scouts, and organizations! Missed the TBA General Auditions?

2020 actor headshot/resume materials can be purchased here:

South Bay Regional Auditions (JUNE 15)

North Bay Regional Auditions (JUNE 29)

TBA 2019 General Auditions. The list of auditors who attended can be found below:

Auditors who haven't attended the 2019 Generals! Actor Headshot/Resume PDFs can be purchased here:


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