Titan Awards
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The Titan Award is an advanced level of career development available to exceptional theatre artists who complete the ATLAS program (Advanced Training Leading Artists to Success) and apply for consideration.

To apply, ATLAS participants must submit their completed career maps for evaluation by a panel of professionals. The panel selects a limited number of these participants to be Titan Award winners, each receiving a year-long mentorship with an established professional in his or her field and other career boosters.



Dale Albright
(415) 430-1140 ext. 14

We are so proud of our Titan Award winners and finalists: 

2019 - Actors & Directors
Kieran Beccia (Director)
Earl Paus (Actor)
Finalists: Ciclady Rodriguez and Juliet Evens

2018 - Actors
Liz Frederick
Finalists: Lauren Hayes

2017 - Actors
Willem Long
Finalists: Julie Kuwabara, Teri Whipple, and Allison Whismore

2016 - Actors
Carina Lastimosa Salazar
Melissa Quine
Finalists: Gemma Bulos, Elena Ruggiero, Sheila Townsend

2015 – Directors/Playwrights
Ariel Craft (dir)
E.H. Benedict (PW)
Barry Eitel (PW)
Austin Zumbro (PW)
Finalists: Emma Nicholls (Dir), Bridgette Dutta Portman (PW) and Noelle Viñas (PW)

2015 - Actors
Bobby August, Jr.
Caitlin Evenson
Justin Gillman
Finalists: Teressa Foss and Rowan Rivers

2014 - Actors / Directors
Sarah Moser (actor)
Wiley Naman Strasser (actor)
Alexander M. Lydon (actor)
Philip Watt (actor)
Clay David (actor / director)
Noëlle GM Gibbs (director)
Finalists: Khalia Davis, April Green, Ryan Hayes

2013 - Playwrights
Elizabeth Gjelten
Min Kahng
Jonathan Spector
Finalists: Garret Jon Groenveld, Patricia Milton, Martin Schwartz, Ignacio Zulueta

2013 - Directors
Patricia Miller
Evren Odcikin
Doyle Ott
Finalists: James Nelson, Lian Walden

2013 - Actors
Terry Bamberger
Hugo E. Carbajal
Rosie Hallett
Finalists: Catherine Luedtke, Maura Halloran, Carla Pantoja 

2012 - Directors
Jeffrey Lo
Rebecca Longworth
Adam Sussman
Finalists: Bruce Coughran, Michaela Goldhaber, Heather Robinson 

2012 - Actors
Luisa Frasconi
Patrick Jones
Carla Pauli
Ross Travis
Reggie White
Finalists: Maria Giere Marquis, Roselyn Hallett, Maura Halloran, Claire Slattery, Lauren Spencer 

2010 - Actors
Cindy Im
Rebecca Pingree
Benjamin Pither
Elissa Stebbins
Ryan Tasker
Finalists: Angela Carrizosa, Alexandra Creighton, Leticia Duarte, Luisa Frasconi, Patrick Jones, Kate Jopson, Alexandra Matthew, Harold Pierce

2009 - Actors
Tracy Camp
Lily Tung Crystal
Marissa Keltie
Danielle Levin
Valerie Weak
Finalists: Beatrice Basso, Gabriel Grilli, Matthew Purdon, Casi Maggio, Elissa Stebbins, Kathryn Zdan 

2008 - Actors
Monica Cortes Viharo
Donald Lacy
Carrie Madsen
Mick Mize
Tamiyka White
Finalist: Valerie Weak