Theatres Advancing Social Change (TASC)
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The TASC cohort will be sharing its learnings and collective actions with the Bay Area theatre community on

Monday, October 7
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

at Z Space (450 Florida St, SF)
Reception and refreshments to follow presentation

Registration is FREE but an RSVP is highly recommended.
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TASC Cohort (2018/19)

American Conservatory Theater

California Shakespeare Theater

City Lights Theater Company

Fools Fury

Marin Theatre Company

Ragged Wing Ensemble

San Francisco Shakespeare

San Francisco Youth Theater

Theatre Bay Area

Woodminster Theatricals

Z Space

What is TASC?

2018/19 Program Schedule

Learning Objectives

Program Features

How to Participate

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What is TASC?

Theatres Advancing Social Change (TASC) is a new initiative, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Zellerbach Foundation. TASC is a key part of Theatre Bay Area’s overall commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. In partnership with Carmen Morgan, Director of artEquity, TBA will launch a regional cohort of approximately ten theatres which will create a dynamic, peer-learning community which will develop and execute action plans to strengthen their organizational commitment around issues of equity.

This project has been generously supported by National Endowment for the Arts, the California Arts Council, the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Hewlett Foundation, the Zellerbach Foundation, and the Sam Mazza Foundation.

The TASC curriculum has a three-pronged approach that focuses on:

1.      fostering personal development and analysis building around identity, social location, language, privilege, and power dynamics;

2.      cultivating organizational and institutional development to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI); and

3.      creating collective impact on a regional level.

All three components are integral in understanding and interrupting larger systemic and organizational barriers, as well as understanding privilege and how to be better allies. TASC theatres will be encouraged to take on leadership roles within the Bay Area and broader field; be creative and innovative problem-solvers; boldly try out new ideas and initiatives; and share best practices and learnings with the broader community.

This intensive approach not only creates a climate within each individual theatre that promotes institutional change but also enhances the impact and momentum of parallel efforts advancing EDI at the regional and national levels. TASC participants develop and fine-tune action plans for their organizations while providing a structure of support and accountability for each other. Participants engage in skills-building opportunities through webinars and in-person convenings. Throughout the 10-month initiative, participants will work together addressing a wide range of issues and topics.

Theatre companies selected for the cohort will be made up of a diverse cross-section of Bay Area theatres. Each participating company will commit two to three staff members/artists to the work. TASC’s curriculum was created by Carmen Morgan, and the cohort will be led by Ms. Morgan and her colleagues at artEquity.

Program Schedule

The TASC cohort will launch in January 2019.

         Cohort Retreat #1: Thursday, January 31 – Saturday, February 2, location TBD

The retreat will begin Thursday afternoon and run all day Friday and Saturday. Attendees will return to their homes each evening.

         Other sessions and convenings TBD

Learning Objectives

Although TASC participants will convene only a few times over the project period, the program requires a significant time investment for individual participants. Personal, organizational, and regional change require sustained effort and attention, and TASC’s peer-learning structure provides a forum for sharing accountability and benchmark progress.

By the end of the project in October 2019, participants will have:

       attended as many of the convenings, weekend retreats and webinars as possible, disseminating the learnings within their organizations;

       strengthened their personal analysis of identity, social location, privilege, and unconscious bias;

       dedicated time to skills building – core competencies, language, tools, and effective strategies;

       conducted an organizational analysis to evaluate the inclusivity of their institution and the diversity of their board and staff;

       learned how to create equity, diversity, and inclusion action plans for their organizations and put them into practice;

       worked on projects addressing EDI issues at the regional level;

       taken collective action to advance equity and inclusion at a regional level;

       committed to being a leader for social change, removing structural barriers and equalizing power at the personal, organizational, and regional levels; and

       determine useful ways for theatres who are ready for action to connect beyond the TASC cohort to provide mutual support and accountability to each other.

Program Features

         Resource Networks:

1.      Broad peer-learning community: TASC members become a part of a regional network learning together, providing support, holding each other accountable, and leading in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

2.      Learning teams: Designed to foster creative opportunities, resource sharing, and collaboration that can be enhanced through deeper intimate relationships and trust building.

         Webinars: Resource sharing and skills building are core components of TASC. As such, participants will gain resources and skills in a variety of areas, both in person and through the strategic use of webinars.

         Peer-Learning Sessions: An opportunity to assess and discuss regional trends, share lessons learned/best practices, and continue peer learning.

         Intensive Skills-Building/Analysis-Building Sessions: While webinars, and peer- learning sessions will play an important role in the learning process, participants will also experience two intensive retreats, a community summit and programming at TBA’s 2019 Annual Conference. These convenings will focus on personal, organizational, and regional analysis and capacity building. These intensive sessions will provide an opportunity for deeper learning through interactive processes and opportunities for practical application.

How to Participate

To apply for the upcoming TASC cohort, fill out this Statement of Interest Form by December 20, 2018.  There is a fee of $350 for each participant. Scholarships and subsidized fees are available for companies with limited budgets.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the program, contact Brad Erickson at Theatre Bay Area at