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Have a show in San Francisco and interested in working with the TIX booth in Union Square? List your ticket offers by using a discount code set up on your ticketing site to fill out the short form below. Discounted ticket sales at the TIX booth are free for all producers! We charge a concierge fee to our patrons to pay for the cost of running the booth.

Please submit your listing at least one week before your first performance. Our unique selection of discount tickets is supplemented with an exclusive partnership with Goldstar's inventory, so be sure to list the best offer. 

Want to reach a broader audience? Offer TBA Members free or discounted tickets using this form.

Then get your show listed on What’s Playing, the Bay Area’s most comprehensive show listings, by submitting here.

Note: TIX Bay Area reserves the right to reject your listing for any reason. Discounted ticket listings are posted on screens at the TIX booth on the days listed shows are running.

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Unless otherwise requested, tickets may be bought at the booth any day and we may list that tickets are available at the booth on our website.