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Postcard Distribution Network
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The Theatre Bay Area Postcard Distribution Network (PDNis an efficient and inexpensive way to get your company's postcards into the hands of eager theatregoers all over the Bay Area!

PDN is a network of over 50 established locations in San Francisco, the East Bay and the South Bay. Each location features an attractive postcard rack in a highly visible traffic area where performing arts services professionals can have their promotional postcards displayed, including numerous theatres and select information centers.

No more running from place to place trying to get enough coverage; we do the work for you!

View PDN Route details: drop-off information, distribution dates, display locations.

PDN Monthly Rates

Note: "Member" rates below are for member companies or associate members only. Individual members may upgrade to an associate membership or pay the nonmember rate.

San Francisco, East Bay or South Bay single routes: 
Members $50-$55/month; Nonmembers $95-$105/month

Multi-route discounts:
When members add a second or third region onto San Francisco, East Bay and/or South Bay is only $35/route choosing the Two-Route or Three-Route Combo

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Special Discounts

Discounts for PDN Display Locations:
Companies that display PDN materials in their lobby receive a 25% discount on services. Contact us to set up your company as a display location.

Discounts on Prepaid Packages:
For companies using PDN regularly, we offer prepaid packages of four months or more at a 15% discount. Prepaid months are nonrefundable, but can be exchanged between months in the same year. 

SUITE OFFER: With every prepaidPDN (4 months or more)  now book a week's ad on Theatre Bay Area website absolutely free.  Please email your invoice to to avail the upgrade.

Note: Member companies may take advantage of either the Display Location discount or the Prepaid Package discount—those discounts cannot be combined, and they must be applied at checkout (discount codes are included on the store item page). 

Contact or call (415) 430-1140, ext. *10.