Donate to Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund

Theatre Bay Area, in partnership with Dancers’ Group and InterMusic SF, launched the COVID-19: Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund on March 20, 2020 as a resource for performing arts workers who are facing a loss of income due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

As of May 12, 2020:

  • The relief fund has raised approximately $220,000
  • Distributed $178,750 to 246 performing arts workers in the Bay Area

TBA is  grateful to have been able to provide some amount of relief to these grantees with the help of more than 356 individual donors and funders, but the immense need remains.

  • 399 applications remain on the waitlist to be funded (as of May 12)
  • Approximately 100 new applications are submitted every week

During this first phase of the Relief Fund, our goal is to raise $500,000 by June 2020 in order to fund applications both on the waitlist and newly submitted applications.
No donation is too small, and every bit of support will make an impact on the arts workers in our Bay Area community. 







Join Us: Donate to the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund

With the closure of arts venues and cancellation of shows, and with shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19, workers in the performing arts have lost untold amounts of expected income. Many are losing secondary income (teaching jobs, restaurant/bar jobs, gig work) as well. Most of these artists were already living very close to the margin in our high-cost-of-living area, and have no emergency funds to fall back on. We want to make sure our Bay Area arts workers have the immediate relief they need to survive this crisis.

If you would like to join the artists and performing arts supporters who have made tax-deductible donations to the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund, please click here to donate online or contact development officer Shannon Davis at We are in the physical office once a week to collect mail.  Please send checks to Theatre Bay Area, 1119 Market St. 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and be well.

(click the button below or this link to donate now!)

Unable to donate at this time? Please spread the word! Here are some materials you can use:

Thank you to our generous donors! Click here to see the full list of donors and funders. 



Join Us: Partner with the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund

Partnering with the relief fund is a fantastic way to give back to our severely impacted performing arts community. Whether you are part of a non-arts-related business interested in donating a portion of your proceeds, a teacher interested in giving a percentage of your weekly classes, or an artist looking to support other artists through a live streamed show, we would love to partner with you! No donation is too small, and every bit of support will make an impact on the arts workers in our Bay Area community. 

If you are interested in partnering with the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund, please contact Shannon Davis, development officer, at

The Marina's Got Talent (The Covies) on May 15th

Theatre Bay Area is proud to partner with "The Marina's Got Talent (The Covies)", a grassroots virtual talent competition/variety show that will air on Friday, May 15. Put on by a group of San Francisco residents, this show aims to connect San Francisco's creative community and young professionals while supporting local artists and restauranteurs. From wild and whacky to heartfelt and back again, the showcase will be jam packed full of laughs, surprises, and heartwarming moments to help bring some light, creativity, and humor to this difficult chapter for all of us in the Bay Area. Get involved and help spread creativity and humor faster than COVID-19! The Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund will join La Cocina as the two local charity partners for this event. Donations can be made to the event's GoFundMe page and all donations are being matched by a corporate sponsor. 

Attend: Attend the show via free Youtube Livestream on Friday, May 15th. Check out the official Facebook Event, website or Instagram account for event updates and access to the Youtube Livestream the week of the event.

Participate: Calling all bay area creatives! In this virtual performance project, creative bay area residents can submit an original talent video to, until Wednesday, May 13 at noon. The winner will receive a cash prize of $500, a custom trophy, and a prize package from local sponsors. Attending viewers will also be able to directly support their favorite talent submissions through Venmo/PayPal/etc. Read the guidelines for submissions here.

Share: Share this event and cause with all your friends, colleagues, and neighbors!


Giving Saturday at ShadowOfaDancer

Theatre Bay Area is proud to partner with ShadowOfaDancer, the performing art and instruction service offered by Jessica Woodman. She has generously agreed to donate 10% of the proceeds from her "Giving Saturday" classes of  GYROKINESIS® Online:Flow to the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund. You can register for a "Giving Saturday" class here.



Apply for the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund

Q: Who is eligible to apply to t he Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund?

“Performing arts workers” includes all aspects of the performing arts including actors, administrators, box office/event staff, carpenters, dancers, designers, directors, dramaturgs, musicians, playwrights, production staff, singers, teaching artists, technicians, etc.

Any resident of the San Francisco Bay Area who has worked professionally or vocationally in local performing arts, who has been an active participant in the arts community (those whose life’s work is the performing arts, regardless of the income derived from work in the performing arts) and has experienced a loss of income due to COVID-19  because of:

  • Cancelled performance/s
  • Loss of performing arts work
  • Loss of supplemental income/job

Q: How do I apply for the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund?

The application is available online, via the link below. Applications will be reviewed weekly. Every Friday, applicants will either be notified that they have received funding or that their application is being resubmitted for consideration the following week. 

Please know that all applications are important to us, and please keep in mind that the total number of grants given each week is entirely dependent upon the funds raised each week. Applications are funded in order of priority of need and availability of funds.

Guidelines & Grant Information for the Relief Fund

Kim Cohan
Programs Manager


Thank you to our generous donors!


$30,000 and Up


Fleishhacker Foundation

Matthew Cohen



$10,000 to $29,999


Walter & Elise Haas Fund 
Anonymous Donor 
RHE Charitable Foundation 
Wendy vanden Heuval 



$5,000 to $9,999

Kathy King  Gerald Cahill
David Cohan & Sharon Jacobs
Mary L Bianco



$1,000 to $4,999


Anonymous Donor 
Anonymous Donor 
Kathy Roberts & Aaron Loeb 
Katherine Bukstein 
Emeri & Brad Handler 
Richard Merrill 
Linda Lucero 
Anne Simons 
John Warren & Ashley Boyd 
John & Rose Henderson 
Brady Lea 
Anonymous Donor 
John & Wynne Dobyns 
Todd & Misha Stein 
Russell Nelson 
Sam Test 
Jean Fichtenkort 
Kristine M Kelly 



$500 to $999


Christine P Macomber 
Barbara Scheifler 
Cary Ann Rosko 
Julie & Dave Montanari-Pearson 
Muriel Kaplan 
Chris Yeh 
Jim Kleinmann in honor of Pam MacKinnon 
Anne B Hambly 
Jessica Bird Beza 
Pamela MacKinnon 
Nancy Quinn 
Russell Bartoli 
Anonymous Donor 
Joe Mader 
Alger B Ciabatonni 
Elizabeth Catherine Wright 
Jill Matichak 
Ellen Geringer 
Kim E Williams 
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart 
Robina Riccitiello 
Colleen McCarthy & Michael Economy 
In honor of Benjamin Nguyen 
Kent Scott 
Beverley Franklin Fund 
Steve & Victoria Zatkin 
Shannon Davis & Joshua Zatkin-Steres 
John Simpson 
Gail Hillebrand 
Bradford A Crowell 
Elizabeth H Benedict 
George Quan 
Tom Bruett 
Luba Markoff 



$250 to $499


Laura Von Hacht Mattos 
Emily Bold
Karl Pribram 
Harvey Wainapel
Edward Miner 
Cleavon Smith
Saundra Lewis
Ann Rankin
Karen P Long
Karen Marie Schroder
Gail MacGowan
Susie Medak
Rasika Kumar
John Maull
my Pernick
Brandon Callender
Debbie Chinn
Cynthia J Francis
Don Hoffman
Nancy B Ranney
Charles R Casey
Kristina Omari
Joe Mader
Jake Saper
Jerry Metzker
Frances Phillips
Ann Wu
Susan West
Lisa Ann Wymore
Scott Stewart
Jim Kleinmann on behalf of Johanna Pfaelzer
Karen Koster
Dale Albright
Marissa Skudlarek
Patricia Milton
Annamarie Macleod
Michael Stephens 



$100 to $249


Anonymous Donor
Tina Rutsch
Julia Peppard
Brad Erickson
Bruce Carlton
Jessica Anderson
Tegan McLane
Allyce Kimerling Karin Lea in honor of Brady Lea 
Jennifer Halsing 
Lauren Gunderson 
Sofia Ahmad 
Sheila Balter 
Cathy Stonie 
Carrie Blanding 
Barbara Petterson 
Ella J Hirst 
Kristen Matia 
Gail MacGowan 
April Durrett 
Ross Kelley 
Jerry Metzker 
Erin Perry 
Valerie Weak 
Derek Kingsley 
Jaron Vesely 
Ian Hunter 
Karl Kiernan 
Anne M Lyttle 
Lily Yang 
Marjorie Bessie Crump-Shears 
Meryl Shaw 
Wayne Canterbury 
Claire Savage 
Roy Otis 
Michelle Bergtraum 
Anne Cleary 
Bobbe Klezmer 
Susan Harloe 
Corinne O’Sullivan 
Susan McCreary 
Steven R Hibshman 
Mimi Lou 
Alissa Sanchez 
John Ruskin in honor of Eric Ting and Sarah Williams 
James Cave 
Sara Sparks 
Ellen & Donald Schell 
JoAnne Winter 
Deborah Black 
Christen M Sottolano 
Brian Thorstenson 
Michelle Mulholland 
Kevin Smoker 
Amy Potozkin 
Suzie Shepherd 
Michael Sterling 
Ann Hopkins 
Abigail Schrock 
Rebecca Novick 
Freida de Lackner 
Monica Howard 
Kimberly Hill 
Kevin Hickey 
Mary Vogt 
George Doeltz 
May Allam 
Thomas Owen 
Chrisann Brennan 
Velina Brown 
Dave Schweisguth 
TehShan Lee 
Ted Russell 
Fawn Fitter in honor of Brady Lea 
Paul Heller 
Dexter Lowry 
Lynette Pang 
Ken Caldeira 
Sophia Naylor 
Pete Shoemaker 
Ellen Siegelman 
Kevin Jim 
Janice Sager 
Darlene Popovic 
Anne Hallinan 
Danielle Cain 
Naomi Evans 
Peter Whitehead 
Henry Milich 
Lauren Berman 
Barbara Hodgen 
Katherine Lea Mills 
Peter Guerrero 
Heather Ross 
Barbara Lynne Scrafford 
Robin Ball 
Jan M Lecklikner 
Aliza Schnayer 
Lex Leifheit 
Janet Berckefeldt 
Walter Dirk Leatherman 
Michael Hays 
Margery Ericksson 
Jack Nicolaus 
Patricia Reedy 
Jane W Courant 
Ariel Craft 
Lisa Sheldon & Smith Wymore 
Johnson & Johnson 
Steven Pasholk 
Elizabeth Longacre 
Cynthia O’Malley 
Ruth Konoff 
George Maguire 
Mark P Robinson 
Roy Conboy 
Robert Weiner & Karen Rhodes



$1 to $99


Gary Stanford
Shafer Mazow
April Durrett
Jason Lai
Jessica Richards
Rachel Kizuka
Derrick Domingo in honor of Laura Domino Short
Cecilia Espadas
Len Nathan
Alex Madonik
Alona Bach
Andy Chan Donald
Max Williams
Philip John Carberry
Michelle Honchariw
Kris Vecere
Benjamin Yalom
Janet Eustis
Susan Meadows
Nicole Jost
Tobey Kaplan
D. Kala Perkins
Leslie Dean
Tilda Kapuya
Nicole Lumetta
Deborah Eliezer Adabachi
Vonn Scott Bair
Molly Stewart-Cohn
Margaret Robbins
Michael Mize
Jane Lea
Joseph Stillwell
Margaret Wu
Craig Raphael
Anne B Simons
Leigh Henderson
Richard Zevin
Daniel Ryan Jewett
John Levin
Bryan Pangilinan
Lisa Aaron
Everett Jacobs
Elizabeth Marxen
Margo Hall
David Hirata
Rachel Long
Elizabeth Carpenter
Eowyn Mader
Tuesday Ray
Priska Neely
Kimberly Knowles
Matt Weimer
Leah Tarlen
Elizabeth Gjelten
John Gragnani
Joan Hammes
Brilliant Hua
Pam Hong
GAP Inc.
Reeta Raag
Jessica Powell
Maria Jelvis
Elizabeth Vega
Randy Grier
Martin Rokeach
Kathleen Gaines
Jessica Woodman
Joel Schaffer
Mario Moreno
Audrey Leland
Patricia Koning
Kathryn Hendess
Jenn Poret
Julie Herrod-Lumsden
Angelica Sophia
Katherine Goldman
Carla Lucero
Myra Chachkin
William Cosgriff
Kate Robinson
Elizabeth Appell
Claudia B Haas
Christopher Fitzsimmons
Noel Anthony Escobar
Naomi Fa-Kaji
Torange Yeghiazarian
Kevin Singer
Robin Cavagnolo
Megan Panero-Eley
Alanna McFall
Eric Garcia
Richard George
Turner Kelsey
Lynne Clark
Susan Shay
Maxine Sattizahn
Karen Lynn Hirst
Consuelo Vera Jimenez
Dan A Herron
Gail Rubman
Christian Fernando Schwarz
Julia Jackson
Katie Craddock
Nico Crisafulli
Hanna Schultheis-Gerry