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Friendship Is Magic Referral Contest
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Friendship Is Magic (Or, How to Exploit Your Contacts to Earn Cash & Prizes)

You have good taste in friends. We want to meet them.
You love our services: job postings, funding, training and more. We want to spread the love.
Sharing is caring. Sharing is also cash prizes.

Enter Theatre Bay Area's "Friendship Is Magic" Contest

Individual members, listen up! For each successful (paid) referral you make, you'll be entered in a drawing for a one-year free membership. Get seven friends to join TBA - get entered in the drawing seven times!

But that's not all - t
he individual member who can turn the most friend referrals into paying members between April 15 and May 15 will win $250 in cash
All winners announced June 1!

How it works:
  1. Log in to
  2. Go to "Manage Profile" and select "Referrals."
  3. Click on "Refer a Friend."
  4. Compose an email to your friends, contacts and any other random email addresses you've collected over the years.
  5. Send those emails far and wide! Our system automatically tracks referrals who join.

Don't know what to write? Here's a sample email:

"Hey, [FRIEND], I thought you'd be interested in taking advantage of one of Theatre Bay Area's new membership offers: join now and get either a free two-week trial, a monthly membership for just $7.99, or an annual membership for $70 (or $60 if you're a student). As a bonus, if you join by May 15, I will be entered to win $250 in cash. More importantly, I really think you would enjoy the job and casting opportunities, having an online profile with headshot and resume, getting the latest news and listings and being a part of the creative community."

Good luck - and may the best friend win!