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TBA Awards Participation
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The TBA Awards would be impossible without the participation of literally thousands of Bay Area theatre makers. TBA member companies who participate by registering and submitting their productions for consideration show us the rich variety and artistic excellence available to audiences any night of the week in the Bay Area. TBA adjudicators, vetted theatre professionals, give generously of their own time to watch and evaluate productions with the sole purpose of calling attention to outstanding achievement. And then there are the artists: the actors, directors, dancers, musicians, designers of all stripes, choreographers of dance and combat, and many more who inspire us with every performance of every production.

We invite you to be part of the next TBA awards cycle, to help carry the word about Bay Area theatre far and wide!

TBA Awards Information

The TBA Awards Program

TBA Awards categories for 2015

2015 TBA Awards Finalists

2015 TBA Awards Celebration

If you are a TBA Awards Finalistclick here for ceremony and ticket info!

For TBA Member Companies

Producing companies FAQ

View a list of companies participating in the 2014/2015 TBA Awards

Download a company registration form for the 2016/2017 TBA Awards


For Prospective Adjudicators

Adjudicator FAQ

Download the adjudicator application package for the 2016/2017 TBA Awards



Questions about the TBA Awards Program? Check out the FAQS above or contact us at the information below:
General & Adjudicator questions
Laura Ng at or call 415-430-1140 x*10

Production listing submission questions
Kim Cohan at or call 415-430-1140 x*17

Producer participation questions
Dale Albright at or call 415-430-1140 x*14