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TBA Online: News & Features: February 2014

Welcome to Our Website

Wednesday, February 12, 2014  
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By Laura Brueckner


I think we can all agree that a TBA website redesign has been due for a while. And we're tickled pink (ha) with the new look and feel of this site, a semi-off-the-shelf model from that does a better job of integrating our membership database with our various tools and content. With this new website, we also have much more control over text and page formatting (check it out: italics!) and have added some new stuff just for fun, like our Member Forums and blogs.   


Adapted from "32/52 - Connection" by Matt/whatmattdoes on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.


We know that change can be welcome, but it can also be frustrating. It may take a little while to get used to the new locations and formats of of tools you use regularly, like the Job & Talent Bank. You'll have to update any old bookmarks you'd set in your browser, and probably clear your browser's cache. There may be a learning curve with the new calendar. And it's going to take us a while to move all the old editorial web pages over to our new "TBA Online" section; however, we will be partnering with to make dozens of back issues of Theatre Bay Area magazine available online to our members. 

Nothing's perfect, but we think this website is a big improvement, and that it offers our members more flexibility, a prettier interface and more ways to connect with TBA and with one another. So give yourself some time to poke around this new site, search for some keywords, click on whatever looks good, and just kinda get the feel of the place. We hope you'll like what you find. 




See our new website FAQs. This is a constantly evolving document, updated as we receive questions and comments from you, so don't be shy to speak up!

Contact membership associate James Nelson with website questions about login and access issues, your Member Profile and the Member Forums. 

Contact digital content manager Laura Brueckner with website questions about our online journalism content, including web feature stories, accessing back issues of Theatre Bay Area magazine, our blogs and freelancing for TBA.


Contact listings editor Lily Janiak with website questions about the new Job & Talent Bank, new calendar, job and audition listings and playwrights' opportunities.