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TBA Online: News & Features: February 2015

Couples in Theatre: Your Turn!

Saturday, February 14, 2015   (0 Comments)
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Over the years, we've been fortunate to have great theatre artists who were willing to tell us about the joys—and challenges—of being a "Couple in Theatre." Now we want to hear what you have to say!

Here are some highlights from past years, to get us started off:

  2006: Actor/director Kimberley Dooley & Shotgun Players artistic director Patrick Dooley

 "Shared passion. We're lucky to have it. We can talk, collaborate, argue about art, which is huge."

Patrick: "Anyone else who's not in theatre doesn't understand the relationship you end up having with the theatre. No other partner would put up with it."

(Photo: Courtesy of Kimberly and Patrick Dooley, 2006) 

  2009: Actor Velina Brown & actor/writer/director Michael Gene Sullivan—who have worked in theatre together since high school

Velina: "Michael became quite a driving force in the [high school theatre] company—acting, directing, writing, drawing the posters. He was running around doing everything, and I got impressed with him. I did have a feeling from the first time we met that there was something, that we were supposed to be together."

(Photo: Courtesy of Velina Brown and Michael Gene Sullivan, 2009)

2011: Actor Fontana Butterfield-Guzmán & director Mary Guzmán

 "I admire the way she directs and respects actors. She makes rehearsals fun. She's a great parent, and the best thing about a great director is that they parent well."

 "I can't imagine creating without her on any level."

(Mary Guzmán, Fontana Butterfield-Guzmán, and their son Orlando. Photo: Lisa Drostova, 2011)

  2012: Actor Will Giamonna & director Dennis Lickteig (getting married soon!)

Will: "I clear my calendar for the opportunity to work with Dennis. I love him as a person and a director. He treats the characters honestly in both musicals and plays. And I get to spend time with my partner as well—that's the best part."

(Photo: Courtesy of Will Giammona and Dennis Lickteig, 2012)

2014: Director/teacher/producer M. Graham Smith & actor Will Dao

 "We're often working even when we're home, so it's good to have a partner who can say, 'Hey, stop working! It's Sunday morning and this is the only time we are going to have to ourselves.' It's a great reminder to not work 24/7 and enjoy that other part of life that's not theatre."

(Photo: Courtesy of Will Dao and M. Graham Smith, 2014)


Please tell us what YOU love about working with your partner in the comments below!