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FAQ: How do I post an audition listing? (I'm not a TBA member)
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Non-Members (or, as we like to call you, "Not-Yet-Members")!

Audition listings are $20 for non-members.

Note: If you hold auditions frequently, a company membership or individual membership could easily pay for itself! Plus there are tons of other benefits!

• Head to our homepage. On the hot pink menu bar about halfway down the page, locate the "Careers" tab and hover your mouse over it. A drop-down menu will appear; click "Post Audition Listing." (Or just click here right now!)

• This will take you to a page with prices, deadlines for magazine listings, and a set of blank fields where you can fill in everything people should know about your audition.

• Fill out as much as you can, then click "Submit." 

• This will take you to our "Checkout Page." Fill out your payment information and click "Proceed to Confirmation." 

• On the confirmation page, review your information, then click "Complete Order." 

• Hurrah, you're done! Your listing will be posted once our listings editor reviews it.

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Questions? Email listings editor Lily Janiak.