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FAQ: How do I change my password?
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Q: How do I change my password?

What, you didn't like our boring password we assigned you? No problem. Let's get you a new one. 

Log in using your current boring password, then head to the menu bar at the top of any TBA webpage and click on "Manage Profile." This will take you to the "Manage Profile" page - the command center for your whole TBA Member profile. 

On this "Manage Profile" page, find the category "INFORMATION & SETTINGS." Below that, click on "Edit Bio." This will take you to a page where you can edit your Member Profile information, including your password.

Note: this page is also where you enter and edit the information for your Talent Bank profile. Yep, we've asked the website vendor if we can change the title displayed on this page so it's less confusing, but the answer was no. Sorry!

The top section on this page is ACCOUNT INFORMATION. In that section, the third item down is "Password." If you click on the "change" link to the right of this field, it will walk you through a password reset.

Enjoy your new password! May it serve you well. 

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