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FAQ: What (and where) is my Talent Bank profile?
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FAQ: What and where is my Talent Bank profile, and how do I edit it?

Note: this information is for Individual Members only. Info for Member Companies, Associate Members, Talent Scouts and other employers is coming soon!

Hi there, Individual Members! Your new way to get found for all kinds of work is your Talent Bank profile. It lives in the "Bio" section of your main TBA Member profile, and is a quick form where you can fill out relevant career information to help employers and talent-seekers scout you out. It is for all disciplines and specialties: artistic, technical, administrative, etc. And it's blessedly simple to find, access and edit! Whew. 

Note: This is a different form than the "Searchable Resume" form we were all told to use when the new website launched. This is better. We promise.

What do you do next, you ask? We'll tell ya: 

• If you have not yet filled out your Talent Bank profile on the TBA website, do it now and get found! See the (simple, we promise!) instructions below.

• If you have already filled out your Talent Bank profile on the TBA website, or if you aren't sure what the heck we're talking about, why not take a sec to double-check? See the (simple, we promise!) instructions below.

• If you have already filled out that weird "Searchable Resume" form: your Talent Bank profile is a different thing. We apologize for the hassle. There's not a way for us to transfer your info for you, so you'll want to jump in and fill out your Talent Bank profile now. You'll be glad you did - it'll be much easier for employers to search. See the (simple, we promise!) instructions below.

The Simple (We Promise!) Instructions! Just eight easy steps!

1. Log in to

2. Get to your main Member profile options. Head to the very top of the TBA homepage, then click "Manage Profile." This will take you to the "Manage Profile" page: command central for all of your profile information and options!

3. Get to your Talent Bank profile. On the "Manage Profile" page, near the top, find the category "INFORMATION & SETTINGS." Below that, select "Edit Bio." This will take you to your Talent Bank profile. (Yep, we've asked the website vendor if we can change the label "Bio" to "Talent Bank profile," but the answer was no.)

4. Fill in your Talent Bank profile. Answer everything that will help the right employers/talent-seekers find you for work. Make extra sure your contact info is correct and current. Pay special attention to the fields in the section called "Professional Information."

5. Set your privacy levels. Click the padlock icon to the left of each field to make that info either Members Only (Visible Only to Members) or Private (Not Visible in Profile).

Note: Don't worry; nonmember employers and talent scouts have their own type of account, so they can see "Members Only" info.

Another note: Any information you mark as Private will not be searchable by people looking to hire.

6. Save your work, please! At the very bottom of the page, click "Save Changes."

7. Add your headshot/profile photo. Head to the very top of any TBA page; this time, select "My Profile." This will take you to your main Member profile page. Toward the left of the screen, you will see either your photo (if you've uploaded it already) or a blank photo box.
 If your photo's already up, you can update it by hovering your mouse over the image; icons for "edit" and "trash" will appear for you to use. Go for it!
• If you are uploading your photo for the first time, you can click anywhere inside the blank photo box to upload a shot of your smiling mug.

Note: only one headshot is allowed per profile. Additional photos may be added to your Photo Gallery, which you can access from your "Manage Profile" page.

8. Why not add or update your PDF resume? 
This step takes more explanation, but stick with us. Head back to the "Manage Profile" page. This time, scroll way down the page to the "NETWORKING AND CAREERS" category. Below that, select "Resume/CV." This will take you to the old, weird "Searchable Resume" module.

• If you've never used this form before, you will see a blank form with empty fields. Scroll down to the very, very bottom of the form and check the box that says: "I want to attach a document after submitting my Resumé/CV." Then click "Submit" - and upload away! 
• If you have already entered info into this form, you will see the published version of that form, showing whatever info you've put in there. Click the "Manage Attachment" link near the top of the page to upload your PDF resume!

Note: This resume module form was/is supposed to work like a digital version of your PDF resume, but it has some big flaws. So upload your actual PDF resume too. And fill in your Talent Bank profile (see #4 above)!
Another note: only one document per profile is allowed. If you have multiple resumes, you'll need to combine them into one document to upload.

Ta-daa - you're done! We hope this process was easy and smooth. Feel free to contact us with any questions.  

Companies, Talent Scouts and other employers: we'll have info for you soon on how to search the new Talent Bank! Remember: searching the Talent Bank is available to anyone, anywhere; non-TBA members may sign up for a free "Talent Scout" account to search the Talent Bank.


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