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Audience Database Participation Form
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Thanks for being a part of our community! We're excited to have you. To keep you active, we need to have accurate and complete information on your company. We also want to be above board about how everyone is using the database, so we ask that all companies sign the agreement below.

If you have any questions about participation or the database, please contact Alan Kline, Marketing Resources Coordinator, at

Primary Contact will be an admin, will be allowed to approve on trades, and will be included on communications.
All contacts will be given logins to Data Center. Only one contact is required, however login names may NOT be shared. You MUST request a separate login name for every user who will access your account­­, including third-party vendors you might use to model data. Any individual acting as another within Data Center violates the Terms of Use and poses a threat to data security. The first contact will be given full privileges, all others must be admins to be able to manage company data.

As a member of the Audience Database I agree to do all of the following in order to continue receiving access to Data Center, the online list management system that houses the Audience Database data, which is run by Target Resource Group (TRG):

1. Annually complete the required USPS form (PAF) to allow TRG to perform National Change of Address (NCOA).
2. Submit data in the required format.
3. Submit, by check or credit card, my organization's six month participation fee to Theatre Bay Area (TBA) as follows
- Organizations under $250,000: $90/$76.50 TBA company member
- Organizations between $250,000 and $1,000,000 annual budget: $150/$127.50 TBA company member
- Organizations between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000 annual budget: $210/$178.50 TBA company member
- Organizations over $3,000,000 annual budget: $240/$204 TBA company member

In order to ensure the best experience for my arts organization and my fellow participants, I will:
1. Respond to requests for list trades within 3 business days;
2. Notify TBA and TRG of any changes to my organization’s contact info or annual budget
3. Agree to mail materials to patrons from each traded list only once and for the purpose expressed when requesting the data.

The Audience Database provides the following services free of charge to constituent organizations:
1. List management and hygiene including NCOA cleaning every 90 days;
2. Improving marketing intelligence through community and individual theatre data analysis
3. Mailing list exchanges between participants– through TRG Arts' exclusive system, Data Center.

Fees may be incurred for additional services to expand my use of Data Center and the Audience Database. These services are separate and necessitate an independent arrangement directly with TRG. These services may include using demographic attributes to filter a list pull or TRG consulting services.

I agree to assume all costs associated with list extraction and analysis. I understand that I will be responsible for payment of all agreed-upon, invoiced fees in a timely manner regardless of whether I complete the mailing and/or am satisfied with the response.

I understand that I am precluded from providing access to the Audience Database to any other individual or group that has not provided data and paid the participation fee. I understand that my organization or any mailhouse or other vendor with whom I am contracted may not, under any circumstances, permanently retain a copy of mailing list data provided from other organizations. I acknowledge data (segments) can only be shared with the express permission of the owner/organization. Any information that I receive from a participating organization (other than information previously known to me) is both proprietary and confidential, and such data is limited for one time use only to my own organization. I agree not to use names culled from other organizations in the Audience Database for fundraising purposes. Further, I agree not to use names culled from other organizations for telemarketing or email marketing purposes.

TRG and TBA may utilize my Aggregate Data (data that has been processed by TRG so that it does not identify any individual person or organization) for research, but may not use, sell or disclose individual data without my prior consent. TRG shall have the right to retain and use Aggregate Data for any purpose, but will not use or retain personally identifiable information for that purpose.

I understand my participation fee entitles me to access from January 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015 unless I or anyone at my organization breaches this agreement in any way. Should my organization fail to abide by the rules and regulations of the Audience Database, I understand that my organization’s access will be revoked, at minimum, for the duration of the calendar year and possibly longer, including in perpetuity. In addition, my organization may be held liable to any other participant should this misuse result in any legal ramifications. I also understand that notification of any potential infractions will be forwarded to the San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco Arts Council, East Bay Community Foundation, San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, and Grants for the Arts/SF Hotel Tax Fund.

By signing below, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Audience Database and to hold harmless and waive any potential claims, suits or judgments against TBA that might result from my participation in this program. My digital signature represents evidence that I am empowered by the organization listed to act on its behalf in this matter.