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Theatrical Material Exchange
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READ THIS FIRST (please!) Locked Topic 0 J. Nelson Hi there! This forum is a spiritual ancestor to our old TMaX program, which helped coordinate the giving away of theatrical materials between theatres.To post a new item or set of items that you're offering, please create a "New Topic" and start the subject with "HAVE: ..." For example: "HAVE: Small Irish Rowboat Set Piece" or "HAVE: Antique phonograph machine"In the description, please clearly describe the item in more detail, link to a photo or video if you have one, where you're located, and a contact phone number or email address.Example post:HAVE: Bunny CostumesOffering a set of 12 adult-sized Bunny Costumes in assorted colors. Cleaned and in good condition. Darkly realistic, not cartoony (see photo below). Offering for free to a good theatrical home. Concord, CA. Please email you are looking for something in particular,  please create a "New Topic" and start the subject with "WANT: ... " for example, "WANT: Stuffed Great White Shark on Wooden Trophy Mount" or "WANT: To-Scale Replica of Cellini's Statue of Perseus, Bronze"In the description, please clearly describe what you're looking for exactly, whether you're able to offer a payment for the item, and a contact phone number or email address.Example post:WANT: Civil War Cannon setI'm looking for two large civil war replica cannons for our upcoming production of "Romeo and Juliet" set in a confederate encampment during the Civil War. Let me know if you can help, update or delete your thread if you successfully transfer an item.To maximize the effectiveness of this forum, please be sure to check out the “Forum Actions” box and select either “sign up for instant updates” or “sign up for digest”. As of the creation of this forum, the RSS feed doesn’t appear to be functioning. More to come.Please note: Theatre Bay Area is not liable in the transfer of goods. Please carry out all transactions at your own risk.Happy hunting!
by J. Nelson
Thursday, August 7, 2014
boat, Trimeme-Odyssey 0 l. bakowski 10 foot boat on casters with mast and sail light weight and easy to maneuver.!
by l. bakowski
Thursday, February 28, 2019
HAVE : a set piece of the Golden Gate Bridge. 0 B. Greene This is a miniature replica of the GG Bridge.  Approximately 11’ high, 12’ long and 4’ wide.
by B. Greene
Friday, September 28, 2018
Road box full of spotlights & exit signs, FREE at Mare Island NOW ​ 0 D. Hakim Have a road box full of lights and exit signs, to give away to theatre companies. All material is avail at Mare Island, Vallejo for pickup NOW & each day 10-7p til Monday 27 February.  There is much more than the pictures show.  But you must ACT NOW – hurry, since our GM wants it gone and is threatening to landfill it all.  CONTACT David Hakim by text or voice at 415-378-6170, or (less preferred) at
by D. Hakim
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
URGENT need for large oriental carpet 0 B. Geist desperately seeking a large - like 15'x20' - oriental carpet for the upcoming Marty Moran shows at ACT's The Strand theatre. Any ideas or leads would be so appreciated. In tech now, runs thru 12/11 Becky Parker Geist,  Props Master 415-559-9273
by B. Geist
Wednesday, November 23, 2016
HAVE set flats, building materials, all free at Mare Island 0 D. Hakim HAVE set flats, building materials, some deco & props to give away.  All material is at Mare Island, avail Mon-Fri 10a - 30p.  There is much more than the pictures show.  Hurry though, since our GM wants it gone and is threatening to landfill it. CONTACT David Hakim at or 415.378.6170
by D. Hakim
Friday, September 9, 2016
Looking for loveseats 0 S. Whigham We are looking for 2 or 3 loveseats in a modern/minimalist style. One dark red, one blue and one green OR 2 in any light/neutral color.  Willing to borrow, buy or rent, but need to keep it around $50/each.   Need them for the week of 10/19-10/24 only.  Thanks in advance for any leads.
by S. Whigham
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Free Chairs and Café Tables Available (SF) 0 D. Albright The War Memorial has some used chairs and café tables from the old Veterans Building that they need to give-away in a hurry.    The items are stored at a warehouse in China Basin.    Originally available were (some may have already found homes): ·         6 – 30” Round Café tables (salmon top with black bases – edges may be chipped) ·         4 – 24” Round Café tables (faux butcher block brown top with black base ·         5 – 36” Round tables (Variety of top colors from brown to black) ·         5 – 24” Round/42” high Tall Boy Tables (Burgundy top with brass bases) ·         132 – Classic Bentwood Hairpin Chairs with upholstered seat (Salmon or tan upholstery with Walnut or Maple finish) ·         94 – Chivari Chairs (non-stacking variety) ·         46 – Black upholstered stacking chairs (these have been well used) – appropriate for musicians in a school setting     They must be picked up in the next several weeks, preferably before Feb 16.   If interested contact: Elizabeth Soberanes, Green Room Manager 415.554.6313
by D. Albright
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
HAVE: Prop box camera with tripod 0 P. Aiello Available to borrow for show. Not for sale.Contact:
by P. Aiello
Saturday, November 1, 2014