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Theatre Bay Area Member Forum Rules and Guidelines Locked Topic 0 J. Nelson Theatre Bay Area Member Forum Rules and Guidelines - Please ReadThanks for joining the discussion in our new online community, the TBA Member Forums. Before you post, take a gander at the following guidelines for using the forums.1. No commercial listings are allowed. This includes announcing, promoting or advertising shows, services, or products, or linking to commercial websites. There are specific places on our website for this kind of material. Our forums are not it.2. No listing of jobs or auditions in the Forums. As you know, we have the Job/Talent Bank on our main site to post new auditions or job openings. These are not permitted on the forums.3. Be respectful to all members, moderators and administrators. We are dedicated to promoting a respectful and safe community, and as such we ask that you post professionally and courteously. Personal attacks, strong language or aggressive posting will be moderated as needed. Let’s take care of each other, even when we don’t agree.4. No offensive material/posting is allowed. Material or posts that are deemed explicit, offensive, hateful, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, racist or otherwise inappropriate will be moderated and appropriate action will be taken.5. You must have copyright ownership of all material you post. This one is fairly self-explanatory.6. Don’t spam. Please do not repeat identical messages, post messages with no content, "bump” threads, or post unnecessarily or redundantly. 7. Don’t post off-topic. These boards are about the Bay Area theatre scene and topics of relevance to it. Please don't post messages that are blatantly off-topic. "Who do you use for headshots?" is a great post. "Did Shakespeare write his own plays?” is stretching it, but sure. "What’s your favorite cat video?” is not relevant.8. Use your judgment. Help us make this a great place to keep the conversation going! Please contact me via message or email ( if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us regarding the Member Forums.
by J. Nelson
Tuesday, January 28, 2014