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TBACon14 Takeaways
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4/15/2014 at 8:15:23 PM GMT
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TBACon14 Takeaways
We spend a lot of time in deep discussion during the conference, and then processing the information on our own. I am curious to hear what were some specific takeaways, action points, inspirations that you came away with from yesterday?

One of my action points is to follow up with some of the cool people I met, and a confirmation of how it's still a good idea to have a business card!
Also, during the Technology in/as Theatre, my mind started wandering into the realm of video games. There has been a much stronger emphasis on compelling storytelling in video games over the past decade, and as a theatre storyteller, I'd be interested to see if the realm of video game & the realm of theatre couldn't somehow be integrated more.

Anyway - just interested to hear what everyone else came away with!

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4/21/2014 at 7:33:05 PM GMT
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People who don't play video games often disregard the storytelling potential for the medium, but there's some real amazing stuff to be taken from the field. "Device 6" for the iPad is a great example of mixing technology with storytelling. Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us" and Yager's "Spec Ops: The Line" are both great examples of deep, resonating video game stories that were really well executed.

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