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Take Back the Block: Divafest & Exit Theatre Petition
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4/22/2015 at 6:44:05 PM GMT
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Take Back the Block: Divafest & Exit Theatre Petition

Please help Divafest and Exit Theatre fight drug dealing and crime on the Tenderloin block where they are located by signing this petition

For the past year Divafest and Exit Theatre have been a part of "Take Back the Block" group fighting drug dealing and crime on their block. As part of this effort the group has created a petition to supervisor Jane Kim and captain Jason Cherniss that says:

"We, the residents, community members and patrons of businesses, nonprofits and arts organizations in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco would like to voice our support for the removal of parking on the northern side of Eddy Street between Mason and Taylor Streets."

They believe this will help disrupt the drug activity that uses these parked cars to hide drug sales and use. Parking was removed from Turk Street, one block away, and drug activity significantly declined. We hope to replicate that experience on Eddy Street. 

Help Divafest and Exit Theatre by signing this petition: