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FAQ: How do I search the Audition Listings?
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Q: How do I search the Audition Listings?

Audition listings are available to TBA Members only, so first, log in to your Individual, Associate, or Company account. (Free Talent Scout memberships do not include access to audition listings.)

Find the hot pink menu bar and hover your cursor over "JOBS & TALENT." From the drop-down menu that appears, select "Search Jobs & Auditions." (Or use this link here!) This will take you to the search page! Yippee!

To view all audition listings: 
Scroll down to the "Category" field and select both "Audition: Equity" and "Audition: Non-Equity." (Note: You can do this by holding down the Shift button and clicking on both options.) Then click the "Search" button. Wahoo!

To search listings by Equity status:
Scroll down to the "Category" field and select either "Audition: Equity" or "Audition: Non-Equity." Then click the "Search" button. Voilà! 

To make your search even more specific: 
First, select your Equity status (see above).

Then fill out one or more of the other fields below, such as keywords or location. (Note: If you are using multiple keywords, separate them with commas.) 
Then click the "Search" button. Bingo!

May you find the gig of your dreams!

Question not answered? Reach us here.