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What to Wear to the Blushing Orchid Ball

Posted By TBA Staff, Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to Wear to the Blushing Orchid Ball: Haute Couture to High Drag


Now that we're only a month away from the Blushing Orchid Ball, Theatre Bay Area's new annual fundraising gala, it's time to go over your checklist. Nerves a-jumble with excitement? Check. Tickets reserved in advance? Check. Got a killer outfit? Chec—well, let's talk about that.

Now, we're not going to suggest that your outfit ain't killerwork that argyle sweater, baby! But there's such a range of ways you can rock your socks at BOB (as we affectionately call it), and we don't want to stifle your creativity!

Photo: "click your heels 3 times . . ." by Andrea Janda. Used under Creative Commons license.


At BOB, we'll be awarding three different attire-related prizes, so as you're planning your ensemble, you may like to consider how it might fit within any of the following categories. Don't be limited by these suggestions, though! Let your imagination soar!

Award 1: Best dressed.
This category is for all you classic sophisticates out there, whether you're smokin' in designer clothes or you're such a fashionista that whatever you wear is à la mode. Think of your best evening wear (but make sure you can dance in it!).

Award 2: Best use of our signature color. 

That's HEX Code #cc3569 or
CMYK 16/94/39/1,
for all you color nerds!

What hue might that be? Hint: see the name of the gala! What does "blushing orchid" look like? Look no further than here, on our new website! It's an elegant shade of magenta, with notes of fuchsia and strawberry. What do we mean by "best use"? Think clever. Perhaps you're sporting a dark ball gown, but your heels, makeup, headpiece or jewelry adds a daring splash of pink to your outfit. Think of Audrey Hepburn's costume in the horse race scene of My Fair Lady. Or maybe you're in a tuxbrighten up your sartorial splendor with a blushing orchid cummerbund, boutonniere, bow tie and/or handkerchief! 


Award 3: Most original ensemble.
You might have heard that at BOB we'll be screening the Tony Awards on East Coast time. Let this be your inspiration to come dressed in something with a little more flair—even a full costume, if that tickles your fancy! Do you have a favorite character from a musical (Hedwig, anyone?) or a favorite drag queen (Hedwig, anyone?)?


A panel of esteemed judges from diverse backgrounds—drag, fashion, government and celebrity-dom—will pick the winners. We're keeping the judges' names a mystery for now, though, just so any overzealous contenders don't attempt to bribe.


The main prizes will be eternal fame and glory, but as if that weren't enough, winners will also receive tangible earthly delights. We promise it will be more than worth it.


See you at the ball (and on the runway)!

Photo: "2013 Honoring the Promise" by Susan G. Komen® Used under Creative Commons license.

Photo: "Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian Women Costume" by The ACT Costume Shop.

Photo: "Men's Smoking Jackets" by The ACT Costume Shop.

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