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Intrinsic Impact
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Intrinsic Impact measures the impact of the theatrical experience on the audience. Launched in 2009, this nationwide study aims at helping theatre leaders to deepen the impact of the work on their stages. Going beyond the standard quantitative data, this is a way to collect and study the qualitative effects of our work with visible, concrete information.

What sorts of questions are we asking?  Here's a sample survey.
See the results of the initial study in the book, Counting New Beans.
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Curious to speak with a past participant?  Find them on our Alum Page.

Currently: Cohorts


Here it comes!  Our next cohort runs October 2014-May 2015.

Inspired by the cohort learning programs we have run in the past, we are connecting theatres to each other to navigate the data. Working with each other and with Theatre Bay Area staff, each new group of Bay Area theatres gathers presentable, quantifiable data on the impact of their work, gains new vocabulary to help define the value of theatre, and develops new techniques for audience development. 

Here's the schedule for the next cohort:

9/22/14 Impact Happy Hour, 4pm-6pm 
See a live demo of the dashboard, meet other theatres interested in the work and talk with previous participants about their experience.
10/1/14 Applications due
10/7/14 Opening Convening for all new participating theatres
5/4/15 Closing Convening for all participating theatres 

If you have any productions in your season whose impact you'd like to study, talk to James.

For the current Intrinsic Impact application, please click here.




James Nelson

Field Services Associate

(415) 430-1140 x*21.